hello…. I am deb

Photo of Deb Kepiro with Nikon Camera Headshot

I am thrilled you have taken the time to visit for a few minutes. I am Deb Kepiro, the face and passion behind the camera of Annie Sharp Photography. 

Annie was a precious Great Grandmother of mine.  She was passionate, lively and  one of the most caring people…. all the things that I strive to bring to my photography.  It's the reason for my business name. 

A little about what makes me … me..  

  • I am a wife to the most amazing man, Jim

  • I am a momma to two sons

  • I am a Christ Follower

  • I am a lover of coffee...and anything chocolate

  • Nothing brightens my day like flowers from the garden

  • I am a Nikon fan, and will talk photography all day long (when asked… fear not!).

 I am blessed to be doing what I love, and that is sharing stories through the art of photography.  
Love stories can be much more than weddings.  Family portraiture is a love story in the very same way…. freezing the moment in time to remember tomorrow … long after these days are gone.  

I would love to meet you… sit over coffee and chat about what your plans for your big day look like.   

Thanks for taking the time to learn about me… I look forward to learning  more about you! 

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